Immunity Boost

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Well that didn’t take long. The shift in weather and the start of school brought the first cold of the season to our house. Along with going to bed early and eating well, when I’m trying to keep myself healthy I’m a big believer in immune support. My current staples:

We take this Host Defense Mushroom Comprehensive Immune Support year round. My son takes the liquid version in a bit of juice each morning…

host defense.jpg

If you can take a high dose of zinc at the very first sign of a cold, you have a good shot at stopping it in its tracks. If I feel even a tinge of a sore throat coming on, I will take two dropperfulls of this Eidon liquid zinc in a small amount of orange juice at least twice a day until symptoms disappear…


I’ve mentioned black elderberry before. This is also something we take daily during prime cold/flu season as it is antibacterial and antiviral and it tastes amazing. I love this Gaia Black Elderberry syrup


Jarrow Colostrum Prime Life is another one…


I still make my own ginger juice but I love how convenient these Trader Joe’s No Joke Ginger juice shots are. (Sidenote: these are also delicious added to my favorite Bee’s Knees cocktail (decidedly not for immune support)…

ginger shot.jpg

This Health-Ade Kombucha in ginger lemon is wonderfully potent and now available at Trader Joe’s…


I also double up on my usual Vitamin D dose…

pure vitamin d.jpg

And I always make sure to take a high quality probiotic. My favorite right now is this one from Visbiome (formerly VSL3)…


You can also find most of these at Thrive Market, Pharmaca or your local PCC or Whole Foods.


Simple Pleasures

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We are enjoying a quiet long weekend at home before getting back into the regular swing of things with school starting this week. Like last year, I am taking the first part of September off to not only help ease us back into school life at home, but to spend two weeks recharging myself and gearing up for the new year ahead. To me September feels more like a time of renewal than January 1st does. 

I have a few house projects on my list, like repainting the hallway,  and lots of purging/organizing endeavors. But I'm also finding time just to think and work on an upcoming creative project that I'm really excited about.

I've finally started an Instagram account for the blog so you can also find me here.

The weather this weekend has been stellar. Comfortably warm but with a bit of a chill in the air that seemed to happen as soon as the calendar flipped to September 1. These are perfect conditions to spend time in the garden.


potato harvest.JPG

I harvested the last of my cucumbers and my Row 7 potatoes which were a  huge winner. I'm devoting an entire bed to them next year. I also started moving plants around and cleaning out crops past their due and cutting back the blackberry vines that take over my front slope this time of year. 

I wrote about Floret Farm's book at the end of last summer and followed through and ordered Dahlia tubers from her in the spring. These giants are lighting up the front yard right now...


I've been making watermelon juice that is even more refreshing than the gazpacho I've been downing the last two days. If you don't have a juicer, simply blend up the watermelon in a blender. Strain it through a fine mesh strainer and let it chill until it's good and cold. When you're ready to drink, squeeze half of a lime in your glass and a pinch of salt.

watermelon blender.JPG

It is summer in a glass...

watermelon juice.JPG

I have loved watching All or Nothing: Manchester City. LOVED. Go watch it.

I also just finished reading Attachments which was recommended by my mother-in-law (Hi Pierr!). It is such a perfect summer read - great dialogue, smart and incredibly funny. I couldn't stop reading and read it all in one go...


My hair is the longest it's ever been and after a summer of playing in both the surf and sun the ends are bit fried. I love Weleda products and just discovered this rosemary hair oil. I've been putting it on my ends (and even my scalp) before bed and washing it out in my morning shower. It has made a world of difference.

weleda rosemary hair oil.jpeg

I've also been using this wonderful salt scalp scrub shampoo (say that three times fast) the last two months. You use it just once a week though I really want to use it daily I look forward to it that much...

goop salt scalp scrub.jpeg

Also in need of a little TLC after the summer heat and constant sunscreen, my skin needs a little decongesting and I super love this new Squalane + Glycolic Renewal Facial from Biossance...

biossance squalane glycolic.png

I'm looking forward to testing out their new deodorant...

biossance deodorant.png

I bought a few of these air-purifiers recommended by Wirecutter this spring during allergy season and the difference was immediate. After one night, we all woke up with cleared sinuses. Fast forward to last month when Seattle was hit hard from wildfire smoke. We were so grateful to have these in our house. I also bought one for my studio...

coway purifier.jpg

I'm really liking these twin-line flossers. They are also helpful for teaching my six year old how to floss...


And I have a new pair of favorite jeans. These relaxed boyfriend ones from Everlane remind me of my old 501s from high school. I have the vintage sky blue wash below...

everlane boyfriend.jpg

But I have my eye on the washed black ones as well...

everlane bf washed black.jpg


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My son and I are getting ready to celebrate the #1 Dad in our life tomorrow. Breakfast will include a frittata with yukon golds and lots of herbs from the garden and per my son's request, "A LOT of bacon" (presumably so he doesn't have to battle his dad for it). If you need a good frittata recipe Pamela Salzman has some great ones

Father's Day or not, here are some good gifts to celebrate the great husband, brother or father in your life...

This beautiful low-profile wallet from Grovemade in Portland...

grovemade bifold wallet.jpeg

A pair of Allbirds...

allbirds wool runners.jpg

Jim Olson's gorgeous new book...

I LOVE the Marie Veronique skincare collaboration with Kristina Holey. Marie just released a new line for men, though I would happily use it myself. I have my eye on the shave prep + daily wash as well as the shaving oil as something we would both enjoy...

MV Louis Pierre.jpg

This razor would be a nice upgrade to go with it...

edwin jagger razor.jpg

If you're in need of more inspiration, check out Huckberry which always has a stellar collection of great stuff. I dare you not to find something there whatever your price range.


How to Break Up With Your Phone

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I'm not sure where I first saw the image below but it resonated strongly with me. Often when I have a break teaching and walk down to the coffee shop I pass person after person looking down, only to open the door to a room full of people again looking down, and stand in line to order my coffee behind a handful of people each one, again, looking down...


Our lives are what we pay attention to.

I hope this slim and life-changing book by Catherine Price becomes as ubiquitous as another slim and life-changing book I love. Read more about it here and also here.

how to break up with your phone.JPG

At home we follow a 24 hour "tech sabbath" beginning Friday at 8pm until Saturday at 8pm (which Price mentions) which has been a game changer. I first learned about the idea of a "tech sabbath" from Tiffany Shlain and her converstation with Krista Tippett.

Do yourself (and your kids) a favor and read this book.



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Today was a perfect summer day kicking off the long holiday weekend. We lounged around home and I accomplished pretty close to nothing. And I plan to do the same tomorrow, and the next day. In good timing, these two books I've been waiting for just arrived at the library...

I take it back. I will accomplish something this weekend! Reading! A huge feat for someone with a young child. (And I might be sipping on Vinho Verde.)

A few more things adding to my summer mood...

I just bought these jeans from Zara and am in love. They are the perfect summer wash with a cool 70s vibe. I took a pair of fabric scissors and cut them down to size leaving the seam raw. Get them now on sale for just $20!

These water balloons are epic. Not only do they fill in seconds, but they self-seal and are biodegradable. Heads up, I hear you can find them at Costco (in bulk of course) and half the price.

We also finally found the perfect outdoor umbrella stand that will last more than one season and looks great...

I keep this affordable rosewater spray with me and mist throughout the day during the summer. It helps keep my skin hydrated plus it smells divine. Find it locally at PCC or Whole Foods as well...

And the most recent addition to my wishlist are these Marais sandals...

Happy Fourth!


Beat the Heat

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It is hot and sunny in Seattle and it looks like it's going to stay that way for a while...

A few things I will be relying on...

Good sunscreen. My favorite for the body is this one from Beautycounter. It's a great mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide that is lightweight and rubs in easily, never white or chalky. Good mineral sunscreens can be expensive and this one is also one of the best values. 

This stick is especially good for getting little necks and faces covered as they duck and dodge anxious to get back to playing. 

And this tinted face sunscreen from Suntegrity is really amazing. It provides great non-toxic protection from the sun but also acts like a medium coverage foundation and beautifully evens out your skin tone. It comes in five shades. (Plus zinc-oxide has anti-inflammatory properties that help skin conditions like acne and rosacea.)

Next up...deodorant.

A good natural one that actually works can be tough to find. I've used this one from Soapwalla for the last three years and it's the best deodorant I've used natural or otherwise. I've only used the original but when I'm ready for a refill I'm ordering the new citrus version.

It is also important to have a good ice cream shop at the ready...if you can, get to Kurt's Farm Shop on Chophouse Row. You can get two flavors in your single scoop. I opted for Flora's Cheese and Tomato Jam which were out of this world.

And yet another mention of rosé. It just exudes Summer to me. I'm currently enjoying this super affordable one (around $10 at PCC).  And don't forget the ice.

Finally, if you are still in need of a fan (seeing as most Seattleites do not have A/C) we continue to love this one that I wrote about last summer.


Honest to Goodness

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photo (28).JPG

Using non-toxic products is incredibly important to me. In the past, options for "green" products were not that great, and not all of them worked well. This is changing, however, as the demand for better natural options is increasing. And after some sleuthing out, I now have an arsenal of home and beauty products that work even better than their chemical laden counterparts. One of my favorites, Honest, makes some real deal, legit products that I love. Every product I have ever ordered from them is good.

The lemongrass hand soap is a lovely all-purpose soap which I previously wrote about here. The conditioning mist is a life-saver for my baby fine hair that needs detangling without any added weight. The lotion is wonderful and rubs in so easily which is non-negotiable for me in a lotion. And lastly, the mouthwash. It's the only proper natural mouthwash I've come across that gives the same "fresh" feeling as some un-natural standbys (hello, Listerine). And it's even better.

Honest is also a great place to find household cleaners and an adorable swim diaper for a little person planning his first trip to Palm Springs in a few short weeks.

Also, if you are curious about what's in some of your personal care products, the Skin Deep database is a great resource.


Kjaer Weis

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The Kjaer Weis cosmetics line is proof that beautiful design not only matters but it adds greatly to the pleasure one takes is performing a simple, daily ritual -such as putting on makeup. But the real beauty of the Kjaer Weis line, is that it's not just the packaging that is beautiful. They are incredible products that not only work, they are good for you.

"Kjaer Weis is a visionary and forward thinking cosmetics line created by Danish-born, New York-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis. It’s a brand that recognizes health and beauty equally." More about Kirsten and the line here.

Each compact comes with your chosen color, and refill pans are available in simple paper cartons that are fully recyclable. Even the refills were designed to be beautiful. The goal was to maintain both sustainability principles and a high standard of design. “The visual and aesthetic parts of daily life are vitally important to me. Consciously or unconsciously, design affects us all,” says Kirsten

The foundation is a dream (especially when applied with the indispensible Beauty Blender sponge). As are the cream blushes. The best face products I've ever used. My skin, only better.


The soap that is a game changer

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I know it is just soap. But this soap makes a pretty amazing first and lasting impression.

Molton Brown White Mulberry Hand Wash

I first starting using it at home a few years ago and whenever guests would come over they would inevitably come out of the bathroom smelling their hands over and over and gushing over how amazing the smell was. It has the same effect on my clients at the studio. It makes a beautiful hostess gift and though a bit of a splurge, it lasts forever and makes washing your hands a joy.

A few other lovely options (more economical and both "green") that I love to use in the kitchen...

Mrs. Meyers Rhubarb Hand Soap

The Honest Company Hand Soap