Snow Dayz

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We are coming off of a long week of epic snow here in Seattle…

snow at dusk.jpg

School closures allowed for some good sledding runs in the backyard…

backyard sled.jpg

There was also boredom (my son’s). So I made him read “Let Children Get Bored Again” in the NYTimes. Kidding, but it is a great article that you should read. It’s a good reminder for us adults too…

And in a throwback to my childhood, we made Shrinky Dinks. While my son was busy drawing characters from Zelda, I traced a favorite photo of him…


I made the soccatas from Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook The Clean Plate for breakfast and they are super easy and so satisfying, especially on a cold winter morning…


I harvested the remaining kale from the garden that I planted back in August, just in case it didn’t survive the heavy snowfall…


Which reminded me to make a Row 7 seed order. I ordered two pounds of the Upstate Abundance Potatoes that were a hit last summer and a packet of these new absolutely beautiful Tetra Squash

Row 7 Tetra Squash.jpg

I had my eye on that classic Filson briefcase to carry my laptop but my husband just gifted me his AER Commuter Bag that I love…


Brandi Carlile’s 2007 album The Story may be the last cd I ever bought before everything went digital. I used to listen to that title track over and over when I was alone. I would crank it up so loud, her powerful voice overwhelming everything. I have now watched and listened to her recent grammy performance over and over which brings tears to my eyes every time and I can only think “what a badass.” Thank god for artists and thank god for music…

Brandi Carlile.png

October 21

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Samin Nosrat’s book Salt Fat Acid Heat was one of my most favorite cookbooks last year and I have given it as a gift several times. She is a talented teacher and I loved watching her four-part series on Netflix this weekend. I especially loved the last episode where she prepares a gorgeous roasted vegetable salad at home and hosts friends for dinner. I am so inspired I have revisited her cookbook and am reading it cover to cover…

It was only a matter of time - I caught my first cold of the fall/back-to-school season last week. Time to start taking daily immune support. This one is my favorite

host defense immune support.jpg

I also consumed a lot of strong ginger and lemon tea with raw honey. You can make a big batch of ginger juice in the blender, but now that I have a proper ceramic ginger grater it is easier than ever to grate ginger in seconds. I can’t imagine not having this little tool in my kitchen

ginger grater.jpg

Re-inspired by Samin I have spent the bulk of my weekend in the kitchen. Making chicken stock in the Instant Pot, our favorite cookies and a batch of the best granola


I have also made this caramelized onion and lentil pilaf from Nigella Lawson twice this week. It is so easy, economical and delicious. I would happily eat it for breakfast, maybe with some sautéed spinach…

lentil basmati pilaf.jpg

While in the kitchen I’ve been listening to a lot of Bach, a perfect companion - particularly if Yo-Yo Ma is involved

Speaking of Yo-Yo, his conversation with Krista is pure joy. What a gift of a human being he is. I also loved this recent conversation with Pádraig Ó Tuama and Marilyn Nelson.

These are the kind of things we need for the tired spaces of our world. This is the way we need to move forward in a world that is so interested in being comforted by the damp blanket of bad stories. We need stories of belonging that move us towards each other, not from each other; ways of being human that open up the possibilities of being alive together; ways of navigating our differences that deepen our curiosity, that deepen our friendship, that deepen our capacity to disagree, that deepen the argument of being alive. This is what we need. This is what will save us. This is the work of peace. This is the work of imagination.
— Pádraig Ó Tuama

We spent last weekend in the hills outside Santa Cruz at a family wedding. It was an incredible party and there was an amazing band so we all threw down and danced the night away. I finally got a chance to wear this gorgeous dress from Doen

D + K wedding.JPG

And my favorite earrings from Annie Costello Brown. They make any outfit an outfit.

acb earrings.JPG

Sunday Inspiration

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A little inspiration for your Sunday. Watch this video...

I subscribe to Maria Popova's incredibly thoughtful weekly digest. You can read today's here and then subscribe for yourself.

If you've never been on Brain Pickings before, be sure to set aside some time to explore. I learn so much from her, especially book recommendations. The recent favorite being this one, Cry, Heart, But Never Break.

Speaking of books, I just finished Rebecca Solnit's Hope in the Dark. (Maria Popova happens to have a review of it here.) I'd also highly recommend listening to Rebecca's conversation with Krista Tippett

On the flip-side of dark, I've added this bright and sunny hair-on Clare V clutch to my wishlist...

Happy Sunday!


The Latest

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It finally feels like spring around here. My peas are coming up through the dirt, the rhubarb is thriving and the morning light is returning.

The last several weeks have been intentionally quiet and lovely. Lots of time in the kitchen and increasingly more time digging in the garden in between the rain showers. Lots of music, little news. Lots of thinking about my work and composing a meaningful life, and that my son will be turning five in a few weeks. It feels like a proper spring renewal.

On the music front I've been listing to Bon Iver's latest album 22, A Million on repeat. Specifically this song cranked up...

I bought a set of these multipurpose stainless clips last year and they remain one of my favorite and most useful things in the kitchen...

I also love this little strawberry huller...

strawberry huller.jpg

I have a few pairs of jeans that needed an update and I was inspired by these photos...

cutoff denim.PNG
Above image from    Could I Have That

Above image from Could I Have That

So I got out the fabric scissors and hacked off the ends to give them new life, and now they are pretty perfect.

I first learned about the Ooni pizza oven last fall and we finally ordered one. I gotta say, it is pretty epic. We are making pizza for a crowd for my son's birthday so I've been dough recipe testing and practicing my skills. The winner is the dough from Franny's...


The recipe is in Franny's cookbook (which Melissa Clark co-authored) and also in Melissa's newest one. In her book the recipe is in grams which I prefer and also makes it super easy to double or triple the recipe. (We let it rise for the full 48 hours by the way.) You can also find the recipe online here.

Happy spring!