Superbowl Sunday i.e. A Day For Cheese Dip

by Kelsi in


This is not your usual queso dip. This unexpected goodness is as delicious as it is healthy and not surprisingly, it comes from Pamela Salzman.

This is a riff on her insanely good Mac & Cheese that is part of our regular line up. We prefer our queso dip without the beans and roasted corn and just doctor it up with the chopped jalapenos.

Chopped yukon golds, carrots, onions and shallots simmer for 15 minutes...

Then you toss the whole mix in the blender with the remaining ingredients (butter, raw cashews, dijon, lemon juice, cayenne)...

And it becomes this. Seriously.

Go here for the full recipe. Also these chips from Que Pasa are my current favorite. Unlike most other corn chips that are highly processed, these are made from corn that is soaked overnight, sprouted and then ground and they have great legitimate corn flavor.