Around the Dinner Table

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Dinner A Love Story - 121 Books.jpg

If you don't already know about Dinner a Love Story, check it out immediately. Especially if you have kids at home. Jenny and Andy know how to write, and cook and have created a "website devoted (mostly) to helping parents figure out how to get family dinner on the table." It is a great site providing inspiration and more than a few strategies to help make regular family dinner a reality.

I love cooking their recipes but I especially love their commentary, always delivered with a healthy dose of humor. 100 Rules of Dinner is one of my favorites.

They also write a column for Bon Appetit, called The Providers. (Speaking of Bon Appetit, did you see that beautiful Ottolenghi spread in the latest issue?! More on that later.)

And they've also put together a stellar e-book, 121 Books: A Very Subjective Guide to the Greatest Kid Books of All Time, which you can download right now for free here. Do it. Taken from Andy's funny and moving introduction:

A minute spent reading
to your kids now will repay
itself a million-fold later, not
only because they love you
for reading to them, but also
because, years later, when
they’re miles away, those
quiet evenings, when you
were tucked in with them,
everything quiet but the sound
of the page-turns, will seem to
you, I promise, sacred.

They also have a new eagerly awaited book, Dinner: The Playbook, out later this month.