"I believe that beauty is healing and inspiring at every level, and would like to help others see beauty in all areas of their lives. At the end of a long day, it is not about how much we have, but that what we have serves us really well. In all my projects I design around the rituals of daily life, physical and emotional, and try to awaken the appreciation of these acts, which when supported with good design can be transformative."

Maryika Byskiniewicz

About Kelsi

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I am a mom to a six year old and a Pilates teacher living in Seattle. I love teaching, being in the kitchen, tending to my garden and being at home with my husband and son. I have a love for learning new things, feel strongly about holistic health and wellness and aspire to live a simple and beautiful life. 

About The Blog

For the last several years I've found myself gravitating towards a more simplified life. Having less "stuff" in my home, keeping only the things that I not only find beautiful but useful as well. I have now become someone who gets rid of things very easily (maybe sometimes a little too easily). If something isn't super awesome, it essentially doesn't earn a space on the shelf. The result is that I am using things everyday that I before only saved for special occasions, like the crystal barware that was given to us as a wedding present. They have now become my go to water glasses. I enjoy drinking from them so much it has made me drink more water, something that is always on my task list.

My mantra isn't really "less is more" but rather "get rid of the stuff that isn't all that useful or enjoyable and save room only for the things that really make you happy." This idea doesn't just pertain to housekeeping, but how I try to entertain, cook, shop and just be. Unfussy, uncomplicated, but with grace and style.

Getting rid of the things that are just "okay" has made me appreciate and find joy in the small details of everyday life that were once overlooked, like washing your hands with a really beautiful soap or drinking coffee from a cup that feels lovely to hold.

Here's to the details and the quest to live simply and live well.