You Need A Budget

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One of the most life-changing things I've done this year is finally taking Omar's advice and start using You Need a Budget. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It gives such a clear overall picture of where our money is (and goes) and has completely changed our relationship to money and how we make future plans like saving for a vacation or retirement. Plus since both A and I are self-employed, we can also easily track the overhead for our business accounts, set aside money for estimated tax payments, expenses etc all under the same umbrella as our personal stuff so we finally have a good overall picture of where we stand. All that is super good and important but the real kicker? It is actually really fun to use. It's like my kind of video game.

No need for me to tell you more since Omar wrote a perfect write up about it here. So go read that and then go use it. Seriously. 

Now I'm trying to find room in the budget for this beauty from Clare V...

And these oxfords...

Everlane Modern Oxford.jpg

Black or blush?