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A few things making my day this Tuesday...


My new shoes for DANCE CLASS! (which clearly makes me even happier than the shoes).

This sweatshirt Linda D has been wearing. I also love this one.

This legitimately hot but amazingly tasty and delicious hot sauce out of Portland. You can find it locally at PCC.

I made a big Rancho Gordo order last week and made a big pot of these perfect thin skinned cannellinis. Of course they are delicious on their own but I subsequently made this recipe (yep, another one from Melissa Clark) which was fantastic. It isn't the most photogenic dish so don't let that deter you...

The only change I made is sautéing the kale rather than keeping it raw. Make sure you save any dressing you don't use. A spoonful will liven up a bowl of any remaining beans you have.