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We've been using this TurboScan app for the last year or so and it is amazing. It is fast and incredibly easy to use just like taking a photo on your iphone. It does not matter if there is a glare, a wrinkle in the page or the corners aren't lined up - it adjusts for all of it. Email the pdf to yourself, someone else, print it or upload it to Dropbox.

I've been using it a lot lately sending documents to our amazing accountant (Hi Mom!) but I often use it just to send recipes to a friend or capture something (again a recipe from a book or an article) that I want to print out. 

As for printers, after growing up with HP printers (having to buy extra printer cables and installing drivers that never seem to work properly on the first go) we have loved using this printer the last several years. Set up is a piece of cake and it never gives us any trouble.