Making Progress

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I'm getting my groove back. Our basement remodel is shaping up. The drywall is hung and the concrete floors have been sanded.

There is a new washer and dryer sitting in the garage just waiting. I can hardly wait for it to finish up. This remodel is a real game-changer for us. Since Dev arrived and took over the second bedroom, Aaron has been relegated to the basement, creating his beautiful photographs in an uninsulated cold, dark, cob-webbed space surrounded by lacquered pine wood-paneling from the 50s. And in the winter, when the heavy rains fall here in Seattle, water would seep up through the concrete. Needless to say, I'm excited for him to have a proper workspace. 

We're also getting the exterior prepped for a new coat of paint. We're going all white, freshened up with new house numbers and a new porch light. It's going to be sweet.

I've been a bit all-consumed by house related stuff, but here are a few other things I've been loving lately...

I already have a dutch oven and don't need another one, but I can't stop thinking about this beautiful pine Staub cocotte.

I've still been ordering my coffee from Blue Bottle (Bella Donovan is my current favorite), but I just picked up some beans from Elm Coffee Roasters in Pioneer Square. It's much lighter than what I'm used to from Blue Bottle but really lovely. Especially for an afternoon cup.

I've long been searching for the perfect tiny gold hoop earrings and I finally found them...

I will be wearing these indefinitely.

During the holidays last year, one of my amazing clients (who also shares a love for Heath Ceramics) gave me a set of scented candles poured into Heath tumblers (like these current season ones below)...

The scent was incredible and I promptly burned through both of them. They are made by Scents of San Francisco and are unlike any other candle I've ever burned. The scents are only made with essential oils so they smell fresh and are never cloying like the vast majority of other scented candles. The scent I loved so much over the holidays was The Castro and I just bought Golden Gate Park and Muir Woods which are equally amazing. Now I'm addicted and won't light anything else.

My most favorite recent addition to the kitchen is our stainless steel Dinuba water container.

I saw it when we were actually visiting Heath last fall. I loved it so much I even took a photo...

Not sure why it took me so long to finally order one but it is really beautiful and I only wish I thought of it sooner. No more Brita! I fill up a large jug of filtered water at PCC and refill as necessary. I just ordered another one for the studio.