Catching Up

by Kelsi in ,


We barely returned home from New York and Aaron was off traveling again. At the same time our basement remodel got underway along with redoing all the original 1940 electrical and plumbing in our house. Things are good here, but needless to say a little chaotic. And I feel a bit upended. 

There is more to write but for now I only have the bandwidth to discuss tomatoes.

We planted three cherry tomato plants this year. One Sungold (my favorite) and two other varieties, and with all of our heat this summer I can barely keep up (below is the haul from just yesterday)...

Quick side note, this book has been my garden guide the last three years. They recommend that after the plants have started ripening their first fruits, you can stop watering them. "This will reduce the size of the tomatoes and the overall yield of the plants, but will encourage ripening and improve flavor." Clearly, this hasn't noticeably affected the yield of my own plants...

Thankfully, I love tomatoes and they make a super quick lunch or dinner. My favorite is this simple salad: halved cherry tomatoes, tossed with a pour of good olive oil, chopped chives, Maldon sea salt and my most favorite sheep's milk feta from Pastures of Eden (which you can find at Trader Joe's). 

Do not forget the salt. Proper seasoning really makes the dish and brings out the flavor. More on this inside this month's Bon Appetit...


There will be more to write soon.