Weekly Roundup

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A few things I've been inspired by this week...

This whole look. I think everything about it is perfect and it reminds me of the minimally made-up, casually cool French-woman idea of beauty. "In each country, I think there is an idea of what beauty is, but for the French, it's very particular: What we want is to be ourselves-not a better version of ourselves." From here.

Since Aaron doesn't drink coffee, I usually just prepare a single cup for myself. But I just added this Hario server to my pour-over set up for when I have company (or for those days when I want to enjoy more than one cup).

This parka from Zara is rather perfect for spring in Seattle. I also have my eye on a lightweight scarf.


I put this beautiful little rhubarb into the dirt yesterday which  makes me think only of making pie. 

pai rosehip oil.jpg

Speaking of "pie", this Pai face oil is ridiculous. I've been using it every night for less than two weeks and can already see and feel a difference. It feels amazing and I've been finding myself washing my face as soon as I get home from work since I can't wait to use it. Totally worthy of the hype.

With an almost three year old in the house, I honestly haven't picked up (or rather finished) a book since before D was born. I feel lucky that All the Light You Cannot See is the first book to welcome me back to the world of reading. As an added bonus, since I am still firmly rooted in the reality of having a toddler where time for leisurely reading is scarce, each chapter is only a handful of pages (or less) as the story switches back and forth between characters making it easy to sneak in a few pages between the recurring "Mama, watch this!"

And lastly, but most importantly for me this week is the discovery of Headspace. Thanks Liz! I am sure I will write more about Headspace later but this app is exactly what I needed right now. As much as I tried and wanted to find a few minutes each day to practice meditation, I struggled on my own to keep it up. But Andy Puddicombe's guiding voice makes it all so easy and I look forward to starting my day with it.