Holiday Gift Guide - Books

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The one thing I'd love most on my xmas list is this book.

Out of print for more than a decade, it has just been reissued. The breadth and scope of Grace's work is such that I'm surprised the book is only 408 pages...


I added these three cookbooks to my collection this year and am very happy that I did...

Gluten-Free Girl American Classics Reinvented - I have followed Shauna's blog for many years. Her latest book is worth having just for her gluten-free and grain free flour mixes alone. Her pancakes and several other recipes from this book have become staples in our home. Side note: if you're the type that would rather buy a really good gluten-free AP flour than mix up your own, you can buy it directly from Shauna here!

Date Night In from Ashley Rodriguez (another Seattle local) 

And 5 stars(!!!) for Genius Recipes from the folks at Food52.

Almost a year after reading this book and the subsequent whole house purge that ensued, my home has been forever changed. If you didn't jump on the bandwagon last year, now is as good a time as ever. She also has a new book coming out just after the first of the year for those of you already drinking the Kondo Kool-Aid...

A perfect book for my architectural photographer husband...

Or this one.

Piet Oudolf.jpg

I first saw the genius work of Piet Oudolf when we visited NYC last summer and saw The High Line for the first time. I came home and promptly ordered this book so I could set about recreating the same vibe in my own backyard (our ambitious spring 2016 project). I would also love his new book Hummelo.

And I am currently reading Tiny Beautiful Things and want to give it to everyone I know.