Holiday Gift Guide - For the Man of the House

by Kelsi in

Best Made Crossbow.jpg

This crossbow with suction cup darts from Best Made is super cool.

A new tie from Everlane.

I can't imagine not having Sonos speakers in our house. The sound quality is fantastic and they are a breeze to set up. This starter kit is great, or even just start with one.

A perfect toolbox

A pair of fowl weather boots to survive the coming months of seemingly endless Seattle rain. 

A timeless Noguchi Akari lamp for his side of the bed.

This tech down coat or this one from Uniqlo.

I already wrote about this blanket here, but I had to mention it again. We have it at home and it is awesome.

More gift guides to come!

p.s. unrelated to gifts but timely as I know many of us send out more correspondence during this time of year than any other...a helpful (and hilarious) guide to pluralizing last names.