A Few Favorites...

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My most favorite pair of jeans just busted a hole in the knee so I had to order a new pair. They are the best slim boyfriend style I have found. Baggy in just the right places but not sloppy. I wear them slightly rolled at the top of my high tops, ankle boots, heels, you name it.

This sweater from Uniqlo is a good one. It is super affordable (and super warm with the Heattech blended right in). I wanted it to fit slightly loose so I ordered it one size up.

I drink a lot of GT's ginger kombucha but just tried this limited edition flavor with carrot and turmeric and cannot get enough...

I am a beer lover through and through but am also someone that does much better when I limit the amount of gluten I consume. Thankfully, there are some mighty fine gluten-free beers being brewed out there and this one from Ground Breaker in Portland is my current favorite.

Now that my son is in preschool, it seems like some kind of cold or flu is on constant rotation so I'm all about extra immune support. This is my current favorite. You can also find it at Thrive Market.

I've also started using these infused salts from Baraka with my NeilMed that I really love. They stock them locally at PCC (and I'd imagine at Whole Foods as well).