Under Pressure

by Kelsi in


In the kitchen, like everywhere else in my home, I like to keep it paired down to the essentials and keep only the things around that make food prep easier and more enjoyable. Good knives, a proper cutting board, good measuring spoons. Except for my small electric ice cream maker, I don't have any kitchen gadgets that do just one thing. 

However, I do have one gadget that is a game-changer and think everyone should have. An Instant Pot. It is an electric pressure cooker, it is affordable and it is AMAZING. Michelle over at Nom Nom has the best description of what it is and how to best put it to use so read this

I used to keep a slow-cooker around for cooking beans and making chicken broth but my Instant Pot has replaced it. Now I soak my beans overnight, rinse, add whatever aromatics I want to use, top with fresh water and cook under high pressure 20-25 minutes. Perfect every time. 

For chicken broth I like this simple recipe using the spent carcass from a roast chicken. It can be ready in as little as 30 minutes but if I'm not in a rush I'll set the pot for two hours. 

We love this kale dish, these potatoes (cooking time is 5 minutes!) and I also cook batches of steel cut oats to make my most favorite breakfast from Pamela Salzman

The more comfortable you get using it, the more things you'll dream up to cook in it.