The Force

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Many of us that grew up in the 1980s with Star Wars and who now have kids of our own wait for the opportunity when we can first watch the movies together. We buy our kids cool Lego sets (which, let's face it are as much fun for us as they are for them). The bottom line - Star Wars is rad. And as we have grown up, our sensibilities have matured, our style has refined and so have the ways to pay homage to the humble little space opera that helped shape a generation.

I bookmarked these graphic posters several years ago on the off chance I'd ever need a cool poster for a kid's room. But to be honest, these are grown-up enough that'd they'd be equally cool framed in the main part of the house.

Dev has worn Hanna Andersson pajamas since he was a baby. They are organic cotton, always have classic stripes in tasteful colors, and they are sized generously so I only buy three or so once a year. I just ordered a few pairs of the usual striped ones but also these ridiculously cool "holiday" Fair Isle Star Wars ones. I may have also added these slippers to my cart. See the whole collection (adult sizes included) here.

And my personal favorite by far is this blanket from Pendelton. I was on the Pendelton site this week ordering another one of my favorite washable wool blankets when I saw it...

star wars pendelton.jpg

This one is so graphic and subtle and perfect. I couldn't resist. And just for fun, watch these guys dance. I immediately started researching hip-hop classes...