Simple Black Bean Tacos

by Kelsi in ,


I really enjoy my time in the kitchen. Cooking for my family relaxes me. That is when I have some leisurely time and am not trying to figure out what's for dinner after a long day of work, trying to get food on the table before D's bath and 8pm bedtime. Then, it can be a chore. And it is then when something quick and dirty is necessary. These tacos are one of our most favorite simple suppers, and they're ready in 10 minutes or less.

They do require a bit of forethought with regard to the avocados. I usually buy a whole bag of them while they are still hard and green. You can speed up the ripening by putting them in a paper bag on the counter. But the best trick I've learned is that once they are perfectly ripe, you can store them in the fridge and they will cease to continue ripening so you don't need to consume the whole lot that day. (However if you do have a glut of ripe avocados at once, I highly recommend you make this guacamole.)

Here's what you need...

White Corn Tortillas

Avocados (mashed with a squeeze of lime if you have it)

Canned Black Beans (I prefer Goya or Trader Joe's brand, rinsed and re-heated)

Cotija Cheese

Chopped White Onion


Maldon Sea Salt (or other flake salt) 

Heat tortillas over a cast iron skillet. When lightly toasted on both sides, spread on some avocado and sprinkle pretty generously with Maldon salt. The salt it THE most important part so don't miss this step. Top with warmed black beans and chopped onion. Sprinkle with cilantro and cotija. Full disclosure: We almost always eat these standing up in the kitchen and never make it to the table. They are best eaten hot. Keep the skillet on and keep a tortilla on rotation. Heat, eat and repeat.