Heath Ceramics

by Kelsi in ,


My husband photographed a project in San Francisco a few weeks ago, and I was able to join him for a quick two days. We mostly just walked and enjoyed some adult time without a toddler in tow but the only place I had to visit was Heath Ceramics in the Mission. Every piece of Heath tableware is made in their original factory in Sausalito as it has since 1948. Their tile is now made in the Mission factory.

There is a beautiful retail space and a Blue Bottle Coffee which I happily sipped on while perusing.

I have my own vintage Heath from the 1960s gifted to me by a very dear friend. We use it every single day. Heath tableware is timeless and is just as beautiful as it is practical for everyday, or special company. My set (below) is extensive, but there are still a few pieces I've had my eye on...

Like these mugs in opaque white. I picked up a couple to put in my carry on.

I'd really love to have these pasta bowls next.

Aside from their beautiful wares, I love supporting Heath as we share many of the same values.

We are maker-gatherers, attracted to functional and beautiful objects that enhance the way people eat, live, and connect

“We offer a product that will resist trends, be loved, and function over a lifetime, even passed on to the next generation. We take pride in the longevity of our pieces and design new colors and styles to complement existing collections, not replace them. The price of our products reflects the actual cost of producing items in a responsible manner in the US. We comply with strict environmental standards; our staff is fairly compensated — receiving full health and retirement benefits, and a high quality of life, not to mention enough dinner party inspiration to last a lifetime.”

Learn even more about them here