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I'm finding more and more things to lust after on the beautifully curated shop Provisions by one of my most favorite sites, Food52. Their spot on tag line: "Better kitchens for everyone." A few things that would certainly make my kitchen better...

emamel porridge pot.jpg

The most perfect little pot for making oatmeal with blueberries for a little one's daily breakfast. (I actually already ordered this one a few months ago when it was finally back in stock and can attest to it's infinite usefulness. I use it more often than almost any other pot or pan in the kitchen.)

A beauty of a salad bowl.

iphone thermometer.jpg

This crazy cool iphone thermometer. The shorter one is great for meat and the longer one would be perfect for candy or jam making.

These beautiful spatulas.

butter keeper.jpg

And I'm really in love with this French ceramic butter keeper

While you're on the site, click over to Food52 and check out the amazingly helpful How To column, where you can learn everything from how to grill fruit, a guide to freezing baked goods from the talented Alice Medrich and the perfect-for-summer how to make any ice pop without a recipe. I've said it before but man, I love this site.