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It's interesting how life goes in cycles; sometimes we find extra time to read a new book, try a new recipe or watch an episode or two of House of Cards. Then all of a sudden it's like there isn't five minutes of extra time for anything.  We become busy with the tasks of daily living,  the days go by, the weeks go by and suddenly it's almost April. 

I've realized that writing a blog keeps you accountable. It documents the days, the time spent away. The silence. 

Over the last few weeks, this transitional time between winter and spring, I feel like I've been hibernating. Recharging with the last few weeks of winter. Taking time to sleep longer, rest up and eat well. 

I've been thinking about the sun and looking out at the bare dirt in my garden beds but not yet motivated to get out there and dig around getting things ready to plant.

But now, with restored energy it feels like time and I am back to making my usual to do lists. There are windows to clean, patio furniture to bring out, spring clothes to haul up from the basement, new recipes to try and dirt to dig in.

Okay Spring, ready when you are.