Honest to Goodness

by Kelsi in

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Using non-toxic products is incredibly important to me. In the past, options for "green" products were not that great, and not all of them worked well. This is changing, however, as the demand for better natural options is increasing. And after some sleuthing out, I now have an arsenal of home and beauty products that work even better than their chemical laden counterparts. One of my favorites, Honest, makes some real deal, legit products that I love. Every product I have ever ordered from them is good.

The lemongrass hand soap is a lovely all-purpose soap which I previously wrote about here. The conditioning mist is a life-saver for my baby fine hair that needs detangling without any added weight. The lotion is wonderful and rubs in so easily which is non-negotiable for me in a lotion. And lastly, the mouthwash. It's the only proper natural mouthwash I've come across that gives the same "fresh" feeling as some un-natural standbys (hello, Listerine). And it's even better.

Honest is also a great place to find household cleaners and an adorable swim diaper for a little person planning his first trip to Palm Springs in a few short weeks.

Also, if you are curious about what's in some of your personal care products, the Skin Deep database is a great resource.