Lunch On The Go

by Kelsi in ,


I have a few years left before I start packing school lunches for my son, but I have been working on my skills packing food for long days of teaching at the studio. A few things I'm really loving for lunches on the go...

This beautifully designed water bottle from Swell. It looks great, is leak-proof and is insulated so it keeps things hot or cold. I have the 17oz one for general use and a 25oz one filled with hot water for tea throughout the day.

LunchBots are really great. I use the bento containers which are lightweight and easy for packing, but now that the cold weather has arrived, I really love the thermal container,  perfect for soups, stews or oatmeal.

And Neatos are my new favorite. I learned about them from Pamela Salzman. I have them in the sandwich and gallon size and they have replaced Ziplocs at our house. I throw them in the washing machine with the dishtowels. It's pretty slick. They are great for organizing all the produce in the fridge, keeping baked goods fresh and even rounding up the handful of Matchbox cars that I have floating around in my purse at any given time.