Keeping Up Appearances

by Kelsi in

laundress sweater comb.jpg

It seems strange that it took me so long to consider a tool to care for my wool sweaters as they are a somewhat daily uniform during Seattle winters. But just this year on a whim I bought a sweater comb from The Laundress. And now I wonder how I ever got along without it.

Along with my OXO sweater racks and Eucalan wash, this little tool has been a lifesaver and works beautifully to remove all those unsightly little balls keeping my sweaters, scarves and delicate knits in good shape. From the Laundress blog, "pilling is a direct result of wearing. When fibers become loose, they form little balls, which are commonly found on loosely woven woolens, knitted synthetics and blends."

I just ordered the Sweater Stone which is specifically for heavier wools like outerwear, thick sweaters and even upholstery and blankets.

Check out The Laundress blog for other helpful washing and care info.