Bon Appetit - Better Than Ever

by Kelsi in

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Thanks to Adam Rapoport who took over the helm of Bon Appetit three years ago, BA just keeps getting better and better.

I certainly share his philosophy:

"In both food and fashion, he said, “you can be pretentious over the top, or you can be interested and entertained in a way that improves your quality of life,” he said. “I’m definitely of the school that believes that a nice dinner with your wife on a Tuesday night can make your day.”

In this month's issue the focus is on "The New Healthy" which he so spot on describes:

"When we decided to make this special issue, we didn't suddenly start counting calories, checking our cholesterol, or monitoring our sodium intake. Instead, our mission was simple. Let's write about how we, as a staff, cook.

Maybe it's because most of us are hovering around 40 and have small kids--or maybe it's just a sign of our increasingly farm-to-table, everything-organic times--but we're all eating far better than we did a decade ago. More whole grains, less white flour; more leafy hardy greens; more heritage-breed pork instead of that plastic-wrapped supermarket stuff; more pristine, sustainable fish. And when we build our meals around these ingredients, we don't think "health," we think "delicious." The following pages celebrate what great cooking has always been about: the best possible ingredients, prepared smartly and consumed with at least a modicum of restraint. Listen, we're not monks-we do allow ourselves to indulge and break stride when the occasion arises. But day in and day out, this is how we eat now. And we've never felt better."

Find recipes from the new issue here. And for more of Rapoport's commentary and humor, read his Letter From The Editor.