The Art of Wearing Heels

by Kelsi in


 The incredibly charming Garance Doré posted this video on her site, exploring how and why all the fashion editors are able to wear heels all day long during fashion week.

Garance points out that when you wear heels you are slower than everybody else. And when she meets with Christian Louboutin he expands on this imposed leisurely pace...

First of all, heels are sexy because "when a woman is on heels you have the time to look at her." As for being forced to slow down...

"Why do you want to run? What is the point of always wanting to run, you know, everybody goes to the same direction at the end of the day and there is always a grave somewhere."

Some other helpful advice...

Sarah Rutson advises to never, ever buy a heel (or a shoe in general) in the morning. Do it in the afternoon when your feet have expanded and are at their widest.

Caroline Issa practices a week before fashion week to get her feet back "in shape" after wearing sandals all summer long. Ease your way in.

One thing is for sure, after watching this it solidified that I need to learn French, like now. My god, I could listen to her talk all day.