by Kelsi in

This summer when I was coming down with an unseasonable cold one of my clients said I had go get this thing called NeilMed. She was emphatic and said "It will change your life!" This is a totally un-glamorous thing to write about, but seriously this thing is sort of life changing. I had tried to use a neti pot before especially during high allergy season but I never could get the angle right. Instead of the water going in one nostril and out the other as it should, it always felt like the water was just pooling in my sinuses and it felt so horrible that that was the last I touched it. But THIS thing is like a neti pot for people who are afraid of neti pots! It is pretty foolproof to use.

So this week when the first cold of the season hit our house, I pulled it out again. There is something so satisfying seeing all that gunk get flushed out that you could never otherwise get to and I swear it has made my colds that much shorter just getting all that stuff out. Enough with the un-glamorous details. Just go get one at your local pharmacy to keep in your wellness arsenal for cold, flu and allergy season.