The Glow

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I've been a long time admirer of The Glow. It is such a beautiful site. I especially love the current feature on Molly Guy and her thoughts on motherhood and style.

"When it comes to being a mother, don't listen to anyone. Absolutely no one. Ignore all of it: the breastfeeding tips, the sleep-training dogma, the attachment parenting books, the wooden toys credo, food allergies hysteria, EVERYTHING. Being a mom is about developing your own style, just like anything else. Your kid is going to be complicated and tormented and amazing just like every other human being that walks this earth no matter what, so trust your instincts and drown out the noise. The only person who knows what your child needs is you."

"Since becoming a mom, I’ve really paired things down in terms of my style. I try to keep it as simple as possible. Only the basics: good jeans, good tees, a few great sweaters, a few pairs of boots. I have my ring and my bag and that’s it for accessories. Same sort of deal with interiors: invest in a good mattress, a solid neutral couch, a strong wood kitchen table. Then add little touches here and there with throws, blankets and rugs."