Wardrobe Basics

by Kelsi in


After my son was born (and after that new mom with an infant phase or "fog" passed and I felt like I could actually make an effort to look pulled together) I felt like everything in my closet was stale and I needed a little bit of a makeover. Nothing major, I just wanted to pare things down and get rid of some of the stuff I was holding onto just because and keep only the things that make me feel good when I wear them and also make putting a chic outfit together as effortless as possible. So I searched the internet for some inspiration and discovered I had two "requirements". One, it pretty much has to be black or gray (or sometimes white or camel). I have been tempted in the past to add some color here and there to my almost exclusively black and gray wardrobe. But everytime I try those bright and colorful things on, I always change out of it and pick something I feel more comfortable in. Usually black. So I parted with all the things of color I never ever wear and created space for some new basics. My second requirement was that it has look polished but at the same time casual enough to reflect my everyday life. Nothing too fussy, delicate or challenging to wash. After cleaning house and adding a few new select things that I love, it has made getting dressed so much easier and enjoyable. I no longer feel like I have nothing to wear and I have just enough that I can mix and match and feel confident that I can dress for any occasion and feel great. My style inspiration...Emmanuelle Alt. From New York Mag...

"For the last four years, Emmanuelle Alt has stuck to a distinctive look: a tailored blazer tossed, a button-down shirt or a tee, cropped slim jeans, and either a sleek pump, sexy sandal, or ankle boot. Her devotion to her uniform even extends to black-tie affairs — others wear ballgowns; she chooses a tuxedo jacket and silk trousers. And unlike other street-style stars, the French Vogue editor-in-chief recycles her pieces, like a black leather belt with three gold buckles, photographed on several occasions."

Some favorite basics old and new...

I've been buying these tanks from Target for the last five years. They are the perfect longer length, hold their shape, wash extremely well and are only $8. And they are a Target staple so you can always find them. I've never found a tank top that could match it.

A new favorite addition is the Tippi sweater from JCREW which I learned about from Marlien at Le Catch.

I bought it in black and also the cashmere version in camel during one of JCREW's seemingly constant sales. I also followed Marlien's recommendation and sized up which was brilliant advice and gives it that perfect slouchy style without being baggy. I just ordered a third one in gray.

Lastly, I parted with all of my overworn tees and bought a few of these from Madewell.

Like the tank tops, they are a little bit longer but with a slim, clean fit. They have a nice weight, wash well and look great dressed up or down.