Tartine - Any Day Pancakes

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I love Liz Prueitt's latest cookbook Tartine All Day and her gluten free Any Day Pancakes recipe is the gold standard at our house (gluten free or not). I make a quadruple batch of dry ingredients so we always have a mix ready to go. When you're ready to cook, measure out 155g of the mix and proceed with the recipe.


25g almond flour

2 Tbsp tapioca starch

50g oat flour

50g brown rice flour

1 1/4 tsp baking powder

2 tsp sugar

1/4 tsp sea salt

1 large egg

2 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted, or olive oil

3/4 cup plus 2 Tbsp whole milk

Combine all the dry ingredients and mix well. Stir the egg, butter or olive oil, and milk together in a small bowl. Add to the flour mixture and mix until just combined.

To cook, I love my Lodge cast iron griddle and prefer to use ghee to grease the pan. This vanilla bean one from Fourth & Heart is lovely for pancakes. And this wide stainless steel spatula is the best one for nearly everything in the kitchen. If you also pick up the narrow one, they will be the only ones you'll ever need.

Serve with salted butter, real maple syrup and your choice of fruit sauce.

Print the recipe here


School Days

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It certainly feels like fall. We are getting into the groove with school, the still sunny days now have enough of a chill to warrant a sweater. Football is on and we've been loading up on a new crop of apples at the farmer's market.

With September also comes the need for a new pair of "school" sneakers which for me is always a pair of Sk8-Hi Vans. These classics are still my favorite...

vans sk8 hi slim navy.jpg

I've also been harvesting the last of my tomatoes and freezing them whole in Ziploc bags to use year-round for my favorite Marcella Hazan sauce and tomato soup. I learned this super easy alternative to canning from David Tanis. Thawed on the counter the skins slip right off. Read more here. Frozen tomatoes will lose their texture/structure so use them only for sauces and soups etc. (Sidenote: if you're using fresh tomatoes instead of a 28 oz can of San Marzanos as listed in both recipes, the equivalent is 2 lbs. of fresh tomatoes.)

late summer tomatoes.JPG

I'm not shy about my love for Melissa Clark and I love my Instant Pot so I cannot wait for this book to come out this fall. I already know it's going to be a winner...

Dinner in an Instant.jpg

Getting ready for my son's first day of Kindergarten, I made us matching friendship bracelets. It's been over 20 years since I made one and I had to look up a refresher tutorial...

friendship bracelet.JPG

I had so much fun making it and now with all the beautiful DMC floss available I'm picking up a new hobby...

DMC embroidery floss.jpg

I recently upgraded my well-loved Clare V Gosee with this multi-colored strap that is rad...

Clare V multi strap.JPG

I also just devoured Dani Shapiro's Hourglass. I can't recommend it enough. Now I'm waiting for this and this from the library...


Earlier this summer I mentioned these Everlane tanks that I love. They just came out with a few other styles in the same fabric. I'd like to have this...

Everlane Micro Rib scoop neck.jpg

And this...

Everlane Mirco Rib long sleeve.jpg

August 19

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As summer winds down and we near the first days of school I've really cleared my schedule and am just enjoying being home as much as possible, cooking for family and enjoying the sunshine. 

I am actually getting ready to take the bulk of September off from the studio as I help our son (and us) transition to kindergarten and full-time school life. I am really looking forward to having a few weeks away to recharge and focus on just being mom. I've been thinking about a few projects I'd like to get done too but for the most part I'm just hoping to fully embrace this time and enjoy my son and the magic that is five years old.

A few other things I've been into as of late...

I still love Julia Turshen's cookbook Small Victories. I can't wait for her timely Feed the Resistance out this fall. You can pre-order it now.

Feed the Resistance.jpg


This week I revisited Naomi Shihab Nye's On Being conversation and it was just as lovely and soul-filling as the first time I heard it...

Image from OnBeing

Image from OnBeing

I am a long time devotee to the New Wayfarer but I've been craving a new pair of sunglasses with a more round shape. I picked up these from Warby Parker and can't stop wearing them...

warby parker durand.jpg

Since we're in prime berry and stone fruit season, if you haven't made a galette yet, it is time. Here is a great go-to galette recipe to keep in your back pocket from who else but Melissa Clark...

NY Times fruit galette.jpg

Earlier this year I bought Floret Farm's book which provides wonderful guidance on having a cut flower garden and how to help blooms last once you've cut them...

Floret Dahlias.jpg

Dahlias are among my favorites and while I only have a handful of plants in my yard, I have a feeling I might double down for next year...


I don't follow many people on Instagram outside my close circle of family and friends but I do follow and love Nitch. I'm always taking screenshots of the thoughtful quotations to keep with me. This is a recent favorite...

mikhail baryshnikov.PNG

Ready for the Weekend

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It is hard to believe we are enjoying the last few days of July. Our weekend plans consist of a whole lot of nothing. I feel like we've got "summering" down as we head into August. If you need something good to watch in the evenings this weekend I'd suggest The Defiant Ones. The four part series is really great.

Or if you are looking for something really good to listen to, I urge you to listen to Malcom Gladwell's podcast Revisionist History. It is enlightening and important and he is an incredible storyteller. This is the second season so if it is new to you, definitely go back and listen to season one as well. Queue it up for your Monday commute.

If you don't feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend, if you have a blender or a food processor you should at the very least whip up this delicious and versatile sauce that I pulled from Bon Appetit. I've made a parsley version, a cilantro one, I've left out the tahini and also included it. You can't go wrong. Truly you can use it on almost anything - salad dressing, tossed with roasted vegetables, on rice or pasta...you get the idea.

And I have a new favorite tank top. These micro rib ones from Everlane are perfect in every way...

They also make a perfect crewneck tee as well. Long enough, not too slim, no cap-sleeve business. I just stocked up on a few more for fall...

I also love this sea salt spray from local Seattle company Herbivore. I use it on both my hair and skin. My five year uses it too - "Mom, it smells like Hawaii!" He's right and it is divine...

One last thing. If you have some brown sugar and olive oil in your pantry go make this simple body scrub. Add a few large spoonfuls of brown sugar to a bowl, add the same amount of olive oil (maybe a bit more) and mix it up. It should have a consistency like this...

brown sugar olive oil scrub.jpg

Then tomorrow morning, step into the shower (don't turn the water on) and scrub your body all over. Shower and rinse and welcome the weekend. Your skin will thank you. 


Simple Chicken Salad

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My go-to chicken salad recipe comes from GP. It's a breeze to make and nice to have in the fridge on these hot days when I don't feel like cooking. Most often I double the recipe as this never sticks around for long.

First make the rotisserie spice blend:

2 teaspoons paprika

2 teaspoons garlic powder

2 teaspoons onion powder

1 teaspoon kosher salt

2 teaspoons chili powder

Next place one bone-in, skin-on chicken breast on a sheet pan lined with foil or parchment. Rub both sides with olive oil and the spice blend. Bake at 325°F for an hour and a half. Remove from oven and let cool to room temp.

Remove the skin and bones and shred the chicken into a medium sized bowl. (The original recipe takes the extra step to put the shredded chicken into a food processor to really finely shred it but I skip this part.)

To the shredded chicken add two stalks celery, cut into ¼-inch dice, 1/3 cup of vegenaise and salt and pepper to taste. A note on vegenaise...of course feel free to substitute any good quality mayonnaise. I don't do well with eggs so vegenaise is great for that. And it just so happens that flavorwise I prefer veganaise over any other (including the one I used to make from scratch).

Et voilá!


Doing the Work + Responsibility

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Letter board in my house from Letterfolk

Letter board in my house from Letterfolk

Spot on advice from Cheryl Strayed in Tiny Beautiful Things on doing the work...

I’ve written often about how we have to reach hard in the direction of the lives we want, even if it’s difficult to do so. I’ve advised people to set healthy boundaries and communicate mindfully and take risks and work hard on what actually matters and confront contradictory truths and trust the inner voice that speaks with love and shut out the inner voice that speaks with hate. But the thing is—the thing so many of us forget—is that those values and principles don’t only apply to our emotional lives. We’ve got to live them out in our bodies too...Real change happens on the level of the gesture. It’s one person doing one thing differently than he or she did before. It’s the man who opts not to invite his abusive mother to his wedding; the woman who decides to spend her Saturday mornings in a drawing class instead of scrubbing the toilets at home; the writer who won’t allow himself to be devoured by his envy; the parent who takes a deep breath instead of throwing a plate. The work is there. It’s our task. Doing it will give us strength and clarity. It will bring us closer to who we hope to be.

Sunday Inspiration

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A little inspiration for your Sunday. Watch this video...

I subscribe to Maria Popova's incredibly thoughtful weekly digest. You can read today's here and then subscribe for yourself.

If you've never been on Brain Pickings before, be sure to set aside some time to explore. I learn so much from her, especially book recommendations. The recent favorite being this one, Cry, Heart, But Never Break.

Speaking of books, I just finished Rebecca Solnit's Hope in the Dark. (Maria Popova happens to have a review of it here.) I'd also highly recommend listening to Rebecca's conversation with Krista Tippett

On the flip-side of dark, I've added this bright and sunny hair-on Clare V clutch to my wishlist...

Happy Sunday!



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Now that it is officially summer I have decided that we should probably get a pool. Ahem, specifically this pool made from a shipping crate...


June 9

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I've got a lot floating around in my mind this week; only one more day of preschool left, a big stack of books from the library on my nightstand, new recipes to try. I'm not sure where to begin so I'm just going to start unloading...

I am reading this stunner of a book by the poet Elizabeth Alexander. My heart hurts but also swells reading her prose. Maria Popova of Brain Pickings wrote a review about it here. Elizabeth also has a wonderful conversation with Krista Tippett on "Words that Shimmer."

I've been loving this super basic and comfortable bra from Lively. It feels so nice to ditch the underwire for summer...

I just got this perfect little summer dress from Zara. It would look great with a pair of these earrings I'm still wishing for...

I pre-ordered Pamela Salzman's cookbook which finally comes out next week! I've talked about her and shared her recipes here many times. She cooks how I like to cook and like me, the woman loves to eat and eat well. I'm excited about this one. She'll also be here in Seattle at Book Larder later this month...

I want to get a few of these Turkish Towels to bring with us to the beach and the pool this summer...

I'll also be wearing these classics a lot this summer...

I bought this rad letter board a few months ago which hangs in our dining room...

I'm also doing some major organizing at home, specifically the shelves in my husband's office and the hall closets. I love these stackable bins that I find at Storables and have been using them at home and at my studio for the last several years. They are great for toiletries, batteries, light bulbs, paperwork that needs to be filed, you name it. I have both the small and large ones. 

And just for fun, Jacques Pépin dicing an onion...

Happy weekend!